How to Take Advantage of the Potential Meat Shortage

Across the country, Americans are noticing the continued bare shelves of meat and/or the hike in prices for the staples of poultry, beef, pork and other meats. There has been whispers and rumors of an upcoming meat shortage. This is due in part to many meat processing plants being shut down due to Covid-19 outbreaks.

Without a facility to process the animals, many farms are being forced to simply euthanize their stock instead of process them for meat. Should a meat shortage in America occur, there is a way you can take advantage of the situation. The best two options you have to face a meat shortage is to either buy locally or try more vegetarian inspired meals. Let’s discover how to approach each option.

1. Buy local

What many people fail to realize is that you can buy a large quantity of meat locally. Instead of just buying a pound of hamburger at the store, you can opt to buy half a cow or a variety of cuts. Since meat freezes very well, this is a great option for many families. Here are some local places inquire with:

  • The Meat Shop: Located in Buckeye, this butcher has nearly every cut of meat and a variety of ways to order. You can order straight off the menu or choose a meat box for bigger savings.
  • French’s Meat Shoppe: Premium cuts of meat can be found at this shop located in Scottsdale.
  • Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co: For just the beef, Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. only focuses on the most natural way to raise and process beef.
  • Hobe Meats: Since 1962, Hobe Meats has been offering fine cuts of meats, package deals and specials. They are open for business and currently fully stocked.
  • Butcher Block Meats: Head to Mesa for this meat supplier. Choose from many quality meats and/or package deals.

2. Learn to cook without meat

The hardest route for many Americans will be to give up meat cold turkey (no pun intended). It does not have to be terribly difficult however. In fact, there are many benefits to going meatless.

For starters, many plant-based proteins like legumes, soy and nuts are cheaper than meat products. Meatless meals can be quick to make with simple ingredients and still taste delicious. Additionally, reducing your intake of red meat can help lower your chances of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

If you are looking to add some recipes sans meat to your weekly menu, here are some options to consider:

Final Thoughts

It is truly hard to know if we will experience a potential meat shortage as some news outlets are warning us of. A meat shortage does not have to put you in a head spin. You can simply try buying locally and in bulk. You can also choose to incorporate more vegetarian dishes to your weekly rotation of meals.