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Zachary Patrick Wagner
Health Care Specialist - Family Care Doctor in Peoria, Arizona

Zachary Patrick Wagner is a Family Nurse Practitioner graduated from Grand Canyon University with his masters in nursing. He is a native Arizonan, husband and father of 4 children. He has spent the last ten years of his life committed to nursing practice and the holistic values that it encompasses. His interest in family care is rooted in his compassion, communication, family values and love for diversity of patients. As a registered nurse Zachary spent a majority of his time working in neuro-rehab, helping patients work to achieve improved quality of life and independence in daily activities after suffering from catastrophic brain and spinal cord injury. As the provider at Summa Health Care, he wants to be an active member in your health care decisions. He is committed to patient care, and satisfaction. He believes that solid communication and interaction are what drive positive outcomes in healthcare. Please come experience, what others have been missing.